As a club we incorporate group coaching within our runs.

  • Affiliated members with us have access to coaches to help with races and goals with bespoke training plans and advice
  • Standard members have access to race specific group coaching, group training and advice

Race training groups

As a paid member of the club we offer "race training groups". We pick a specific race and then offer a dedicated group to complete this race with a training plan, advice and support.

Training for races, especially the long distances, can be lonely on your own. Our race training groups bring many together doing the same race to help share the running and group support.

An example of race groups:-

  • Spring marathons (Brighton, London)
  • Half marathons (Brentwood, Colchester, Frinton)
  • 10km (Southend and various others)
  • Ultra marathons (Stort 30)
  • Local charity races (Kirste 5, Roach Valley Way relay, Stebbing 10)


Hockley Trail runners have a beginners course that runs once a year. This is a 10 week course taking you from zero to 5k. For more info check out the Beginners menu.